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Refer to ‘Razing illegality’; the demolition of the towers has inflicted a mammoth loss on gullible buyers who stand duped of their life-long savings. These structures could not have come up without the brazen complicity of government officials, developers and politicians. If all these players had been incarcerated by fixing accountability through proper investigation, the ends of justice would have been better served. It is feared that these unscrupulous swindlers may get away with it. The razing of the towers may have delivered a jolt to the realty sector, but the demolition should have been avoided by considering an alternative use of these buildings.

Roshan Lal Goel, Ladwa

‘Freebies’ for retd judges

The Central Government has notified to extend certain additional post-retirement facilities to retired CJIs and former SC judges, such as life-time domestic help, chauffer, secretarial assistant, round-the-clock security for five years, besides rent-free type VII accommodation for six months. These so-called ‘facilities’ may be better classed as ‘freebies’ which are unwarranted, disastrous and burdensome on the exchequer. It is disheartening that this has come up at a time when the CJI has asked the EC to consider the banning of freebies by political parties.

RPS CHOPRA, by mail

Cong chief’s election

It is time for prominent leaders of India’s main opposition party to come forward to contest, as the Gandhis may opt to sit out the October election for Congress chief. However, there is a possibility that a proxy candidate may be backed by the Gandhis. The election can’t be transformative if it is not held fairly. The party’s organization has become comatose in most parts of the country. The Congress has suffered many defects, exits and humiliating defeats and it cannot get any worse under a new chief. But will the new chief be allowed to function without remote-controlling from the background?

PL SINGH, by mail

Gandhis should quit

Apropos of ‘Periodic desertions are bleeding Cong white’, the future of the Congress is bleak as long as the Gandhis are in control. The reasons include their lack of political intelligence and inability to understand the ordinary people who will not accept or admire ‘fifth-generation dynasts’. Their very presence in the Congress makes it easy for Modi and the BJP to deflect attention from the present government’s failures. The Gandhis are an impediment to the revival of the Congress and a blessing to Modi and Shah. The three Gandhis must immediately retire from politics for the good of their party and the country.

RS SEMBHI, Ludhiana

medical tourism

Refer to ‘India aimed to take lead in medical tourism’; we have more than adequate expertise and elective procedures as well as complex surgeries are done meticulously at competitive rates. The entire world can also benefit from Ayurveda. The holistic approach and advantages of this indigenous system of medicine should be used to the maximum.

Sunil Chopra, Ludhiana

Hate campaigns

Reference to ‘Bhai Kahan Singh, the Renaissance man’; the writer’s defense about his controversial and seemingly divisive book, Hum Hindu Nahin Hain, does not hold much water. Perhaps, the book was written to counter the fanatic views that were being promoted during his times by radical Hindus, as its spirit went against the basic tenets of Sikhism. When Guru Nanak Dev said he was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, his point was focused on the equality of all beliefs, and not that he had a separate Sikh identity. In the mid-50s, I spent my childhood in a backward Malwa region of Punjab, Dhuri. There was no government school for boys at the time, but there did exist three schools that were run by separate religious groups — a Khalsa school, an Arya Samaj school and a Sanatan Dharm school. I don’t remember if we ever used the word ‘Hindu’ in our conversations. We either were Sikhs with long hair or ‘monas’, with short hair. Many elderly Hindus wore a turban. No religion preached hatred. All hate campaigns have always been devised and designed by power-hungry political masters who exploit the believers to turn their beliefs into an ugly madness.


Unprecedented Sacrifice

Apropos of ‘The Sacrifice in Narrahee’ (The Sunday Tribune), the sacrifice of 22 Sikh women by their fathers and husbands on the altar of faith and chastity is unprecedented. Kirpan, which symbolises mercy, honor and freedom of spirit, was used to save the honor of womanhood in the face of threat and tyranny. One shudders to imagine the tragic scene. The head bows in reverence to the valour and sacrifice of the women and men of Punjab during the Partition.

Col Rajinder Singh (retd), by mail

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