Frist Art Museum in Nashville showcases stunning Renaissance armor

Head to the Frist Art Museum’s upper-level galleries, and you’ll come face-to-face with a 500-year-old knight in shining armor.

OK, so it’s not an actual knight. The armor, however, is the real deal. It was made between 1500 and 1510 AD and belonged to a German knight. And true to his long-ago life, it still shines.

Made of steel, leather and fabric, the suit is a stunning introduction to the Frist’s “Knights in Armor,” on view through Oct. 10. Featuring over 100 exquisitely crafted and preserved objects such as full suits of armor plus an array of helmets, mounted equestrian figures, paintings and weaponry, the exhibition brings to life the functional and artistic aspects of European knighthood during the Renaissance when the art of arms and armor was at its height of sophistication.

“These are showpieces,” said Frist Art Museum senior curator Trinita Kennedy. “They are some of the most expensive and most artistic kinds of armor ever made.”

The Frist's 'Knights in Armor,' on view through Oct.  10.

“Knights in Armor” begins at 1500 AD, when plate armor had all but displaced the chain-mail armor worn by knights throughout the Middle Ages. The development of plate armor offered not only better protection but also more opportunities for aesthetic innovation and customization.

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