india: India’s G20 presidency plan: 215 meetings in 55 cities across nation

India’s upcoming G20 presidency is likely to center on the themes of the world as “one family” and the need for “sustainable growth” and will be taken forward through 200-plus meetings in 55 cities, covering every state and Union territory of India.

Around 57 of these will be G20 working group meetings and 46 will be engagement group meets. The high-level ministerial meetings will be hosted in 13 different cities from Agra to Kochi.

The thematic ideas under consideration are ‘One Earth/Sustainable Responsible Inclusive Growth/ World is one family or Vasudev Kutumbukum’, ET has gathered. The themes proposed are significant as India’s big moment at this global Presidency comes amid a changing world order, visible climate risks and tough economic recovery amid a waning pandemic.

India is, therefore, expected to make a strong pitch for G20 to adopt ‘LIFE’ — the responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyle slogan given by PM Modi at the Glasgow climate conference — as a high-level principle in the development and agriculture working groups and across all workstreams.

India is considering proposing the creation of a new working group on ‘Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience’ and an Engagement Group on Global Ecosystems for Startups.

Green hydrogen is also likely to figure prominently in India’s Energy Transition working group pitch where India is expected to highlight its proposed National Hydrogen mission and push for support for decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors such as fertilisers, cement, steel, long-distance transport etc.

Climate concerns will be a focus area. Strengthening of the circular economy, sustainable public procurement, climate resilient Blue Economy, coastal stability, green tourism to help achieve sustainable development goals besides harnessing of hydrogen will be underlined by India, officials in the know indicated.

Similarly, digital economy and a possible global initiative on an Institutional Digital Health Framework are set to be proposed by India as moves that could transform health service delivery as seen through India’s Covid vaccination platform Aarogya Setu.

On Agriculture

India is set to focus on small and marginal farmers, enhancing food security through steps such as exempting World Food Program purchases from restrictions and use of digital space for improving productivity.

On Education

Improving learning outcomes through tech-enabled pedagogy and need for mutual recognition of educational and vocational qualifications are likely to be underlined.

On Employment

A framework is proposed to map global skill gaps to facilitate migration and mobility of workers.

The Anti-Corruption segment is likely to see advancing of the nine point agenda on Fugitive Economic offenders besides drawing up of Integrity principles for public bodies.

On Culture

India could prioritise digitization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage while the segment on digital economy will likely center on public digital platforms for socio-economic development.

On Trade & Investment

The focus will be on accelerating trade growth, building resilient supply chains and enhance trickle down.


The Indian G20 Presidency starting from December 2022 is expected to be spread over 215 meetings including a leader’s summit and foreign ministers’ meeting besides 57 working group meetings, 46 engagement group meetings and 4 G20 Sherpa meetings.

The meetings are expected to be held pan India across all states and Union Territories at near 55 locations from Leh to Kavaratti, Port Blair, Srinagar, Imphal, Kevadia and Khajuraho to Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Over 18 ministries have been identified as lead agencies for the various working groups and engagement groups and are working on detailing the agenda, deliverables and challenges ahead.

The Engagement Groups will have a narrative on India. For instance, the Business 20 Engagement Group will highlight India’s business prospects and competitive advantage while the Group on Parliament 20 will build on India’s strong democratic credentials.

Each meeting will be curated as an ‘India experience’ and closely coordinated by nodal ministries.

India will also commemorate the 2023 International Year of Millet with millet shows across G20 countries and showcasing of Indian millets and agricultural diversity.


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