Reflections for the Week of Aug. 22-26


• Chief Shoemaker appointed to fill the vacant District 1 Director position for the Nebraska Volunteer Firefighters Association.

• Participated in the Nebraska GIS Working Group virtual meeting on a Transitional Data Management Services/GIS proposal for Next Generation 911.

• UL Fire Equipment Services performed annual testing on Aerial 350.

• Chief met with Motorola Solutions and Action Communications on radio infrastructure.

Public Works:

• Concrete pour 5th and Missouri.

• Dirt fill and cover work ongoing at landfill.

• Transit 540 riders this week.

• Landfill 395 or refuse collected this week.

• Continuing education class for water operators.

• Pot hole repair, sign repair underway, sewer jetting, and ROW mowing all continue.


• Joined Heartland Expressway monthly board call Tuesday.

• Participated in the Snow Redfern Foundation: Career Pathways virtual meeting – discussing possible Rural Brain Gain efforts.

• Participated in a Demo from Flyer View – GIS mapping and recruitment tool/software.

• Participated in a Zoom with Al Vancanti Friday morning on housing options.

• Sent RFI to area/state contractors for Housing development being proposed in Hemingford.

• Took call from regional contractor, interested in Alliance housing market – seeking incentives.

• Friday have virtual check-in scheduled with UNL Professors.

• Working on scheduling a FALL Career day for Hemingford High School.

• Seeking community participation on Community for Kids initiative – addressing Childcare as a Workforce issue/concern (Grant Application due September 30).

• Assisting County Commissioner with finding contractor to repair Courthouse Skylight and funding to do so.


• Continue to perform repair/replacement of deficient poles on both rural and urban system.

• Continue to replace/repair streetlights.

• All department personnel were tested and re-certified in hurt man/pole top rescue.

• Started an alley rebuild project on 10th to 18th Emerson/Platte.

Police Admin:

• Meetings: State IT interface, Motorola, Crimewatch, INA Alert, Geolitica, Central Square, Nebraska PATH, Rekor, CALEA, Datalytics.

Police Communications/Intelligence:

• Coordinated 579 calls for service.

• Completed 12 report requests.

• 1 firearms permit issued.

Police Operations:

• 5 Child Welfare Investigations.

• 0 DUI, 17 Traffic Stops.

• 5 accidents.

• 3 K9 deployments.

• 106 Building Checks.

• 38 Community Contacts/Business Checks.

• 0 Vacation House Checks.

• 9 Active Investigations.

Animal Control:

• 28 Animal Calls.

• 2 Dog Impounds. 2 dogs currently in the shelter.

• 1 Cat Impounds. 3 cats currently in the shelter.

• 1 Rabbit impound and in the shelter.

Code Enforcement:

• 11 Code enforcement issues.

Notable Service:

• Satisfaction rating 91.2%.

• Overall crime is down 8.8%.

• Hudson Meeting Hero.

• Elkhorn and Grand Meetings Hero.

• The code enforcement dashboard has been added to the data dashboard.

• The SRO activity link has been added to the website.


• Preparing for the Iron Horse Scramble this weekend. Expecting a good turnout based on registrations.

• Opened bids for the golf cart fleet for the next few years.

• Continue to repair equipment as necessary.

• Diver was in the lake collecting wayward golf balls.


• We hosted the state level Transit Driver Training for 2 days.

• The local Quilt of Valor group hosted an honor program for Dustin Huckfeldt where he was presented with a wonderful local-made quilt to honor his service.

• Hosted and catered for an annual railroad training.

• Started working on the second group of Box Butte County Rural School records digitizing project. This included 1907-1915 records.

• All Gallery exhibits were involved in the quarterly “Fly Hunt” and were cleaned, polished, fluffed and had all of the pesky dead flies removed. This becomes more of a problem than one would think!

• We continue to host the Free Reading material give away in the Gallery. This week we added some newspapers from the eastern part of Nebraska and more Alliance Times Herald photos from the mid 1990s. There are still lots of interesting items to pick from, including some that would work for art projects. Check it out.

• This is the second week for the traveling NAC Art show. You will definitely want to see these showcased Nebraska Talents.

• We are looking for a Volunteer to file and organize our information on local groups, organizations and civic clubs. The files are set up and items are ready to file. If this type of project interests you, please give Becci a call at 762-2384.


• Shelf reading and series label updates continue for Juvenile and Young Adult sections.

• Preparations are complete for Youth Book Club, STEAM Builders, Story Time and LEGO Club.

• Youth Book Club is welcoming new members and is ready for a fun-filled Fall!

• Conducted an outreach visit this week to Immanuel Lutheran School!

• Cataloging new fiction and non-fiction books for the collection and removing some of the older fiction and non-fiction books from the new shelf.

• Worked on a Collection Management NLC course, continued cross training and shelf reading.

• Created a new non-fiction display to showcase some of the biographies in our collection.

• Weeding the outdated non-fiction and taking note of weak areas of the collection to bring them up to speed so patrons can have access to current and reliable non-fiction resources.

• Co-hosted the Library Book Club this week for 16 patrons.

• Creating a welcoming and fun Fall atmosphere for the patrons. Fall means increased traffic in the library, and the patrons enjoy the cozy atmosphere these two provide.


• Cleared out more of the culvert between the practice field and stadium trail.

• Collected trash, removed graffiti, mowed, and trimmed as necessary.

• Put Algaecide in Laing Lake.

• Sprayed areas at Laing Lake, Softball, Band Shell block, Central Park and Pool.

• Continued draining and winterizing the pool, the basin is almost empty.


• Autumn in Alliance is coming! We invite YOU to participate in the Chili/Cinnamon Roll Cook-off, and welcome more Craft and Farmers Market Vendors, Yard Games, and Sponsors. If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please contact Kaytlin Norris at 308-762-5400 or via email at

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