Top 10 adventure travel activities in Iceland

In recent years, Iceland has been experiencing a tourism boom, and although not many people fancy having a cold holiday experience, not many are aware of the amazing tourist activities which the country has to offer.

Iceland is one of the most scenic countries, with breathtaking landscapes that deserve a place on post and holiday cards to your friends and family.

These fun and exciting activities allow for tourists to get in some workouts through their vacation, while getting up close and personal with the natural space of the country.

Here are some 10 adventure travel activities to participate in when visiting Iceland for a chilly vacation.


Not only is paragliding an exhilarating activity to tick off your bucket list, but also gives you the chance to marvel at the stunning landscape of Iceland.

Tourists will be securely harnessed to an expert paraglider, and will only be required to enjoy the ride and their time in the sky.

Beautiful woman practicing. Picture: iStock

Helicopter tour

Just like paragliding, a helicopter tour around Iceland is the perfect way to take in all the scenery, but this activity is much better because you get to witness Iceland at a higher view, and you get to be in the sky for much longer.

The helicopter tour will take you to whatever parts of Iceland you would like to tour. Depending on your budget, tours last between 50 minutes and 2 and a half hours.

adventure activities in iceland
Women about to embark on a helicopter tour. Picture: iStock

whale watching

Iceland waters are home to many sea creatures that can be seen from boats or yachts on whale watching tours.

This particular activity gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the giants of the ocean.

Reykjavik Sailors are the only providers, and are known for their commitment to sustainable tourism and putting whales first.

whale watching
humpback whales in the ocean. Picture: iStock

Quad biking

Hopping on a quad bike and hitting the roads of Iceland is also another great way to experience the beauty of the country.

Just remember, off roading is not an option in this country, and your best would be taking on this activity with a planned guided tour to ensure that you remain on the right trails.

adventure activities in iceland
Quad biking to the top of the mountain to marvel at the view. Picture: iStock

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With this interesting activity, tourists are taken all the way up onto a safe mountain in a helicopter, and are then given bikes which they will ride from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

Heli-biking is also a fun and exciting way to take in the scenery of Iceland while working up a sweat and getting in some holiday exercise.

heli biking
Mountain biking. Picture: iStock


Rafting is appropriate for all ages, and will give your family the opportunity to bond over fighting the raging waters and getting to your point of destination.

The rafting journey begins at Icelands most famous waterfall and takes you through a roughly four hour odyssey.

For those who are not afraid of heights or the cold waters, there is even the opportunity to do some cliff jumping.

adventure activities in iceland
White water rafting. Picture: iStock


There is a whole other world in Iceland, above the surface that is waiting to be explored.

This activity allows for tourist to witness the breathtaking ice capsules that have been formed by the extremely cold temperatures, while learning about the history of volcanos that erupted many years ago to bring forth these wonderful tourist destinations.

Ice cave in Iceland. Picture: iStock

Glacier hiking

Hiking is the perfect way to explore a nature place, and also get some exercise done while enjoying the scenic view of the environment you are in.

The glacier landscape is a work of art in Iceland, and there are many hills and mountains to explore in this country.

While on your hiking trail, take the opportunity to take some pictures for your loved ones at home, as no amount of words can describe or explain the beauty that you will get to witness of the hike.

adventure activities in iceland
Glacier hiking in Iceland. Picture: iStock


Although the waters of Iceland are super cold, they are very clear and clean, making your snorkelling experience one to never forget.

The clear waters allow for you to see hundreds of meters in front of you, and get acquainted with the friendly sea creatures that you may encounter throughout your snorkelling journey.

If you are feeling super adventurous, then you can also participate in the scuba diving activity.

Underwater view of a beautiful woman swimming in blue ocean water. Picture: iStock


This is the original and cool way in which Iceland was meant to be toured. The snowmobiling tours take you to the ice caves of the country, as well as the famous beaches.

Although it’s not as active and exhilarating as the other activities, snowmobiling through Icelands landscape will give you a whole new appreciation for the cold weather while taking in the stunning scenery of the country.

adventure activities in iceland
Snowmobiling through the icy mountains. Picture: iStock

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