Tourism stakeholders urged to innovate

SEN. Maria Josefa “Imee” Marcos implored tourism stakeholders to innovate their plans and upskill their workers in order to keep up with evolving demand.

In her speech at the celebration and the launching of various events of the Philippine Tourism Agencies Association (PTAA) on Friday, Senator Marcos emphasized the need for all people in the tourism industry to rethink their approaches as the threat of the pandemic still lingers.

“In order to restore confidence in the industry, it is indeed time to rethink travel for the new normal and discover new possibilities in order to entice more customers,” Marcos pointed out.

She first discussed to stakeholders the incorporation of travel in enclosed spaces and the need to upskill their workers in order to get ready for the mass influx of tourists once borders fully reopen.

“We need to think to also include events such as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) packages for example, and for venues to retrofit in order to have more open spaces which can accommodate them,” Marcos said.

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She also added the need for stakeholders to upskill workers in order to accommodate tourists better and learning of foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Mandarin and Korean can be a start.

Digitization is also slowly becoming a requirement in all industries, and Senator Marcos said that tourism is no different as its ease and convenience can no longer be denied.

“This is the reality: We will change tourism for the better by making it healthier, more outdoor, and more sustainable, and leading this charge would be digitization,” she reiterated.

The lawmaker also stressed the need for tourist destinations to find a niche they can promote in order for a constant stream of certain kinds of tourists to come in and not just one massive group altogether.

“What kind of vacation do I or does my family want? The concept of vacation has changed radically as the mass tourism period has now ended,” Marcos pointed out.

She gave examples like packaging church touring for the grandmothers, beaches and outdoor sports for the adventurous and millennials, among others.

“The world is slowly opening up and if we digitize, retrofit and take care of our workers, I think we will be able to see greater development in the Tourism industry,” Senator Marcos concluded.


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