After controversial $10.8 million Qatar tourism deal, David Beckham teams up with Peyton Manning for another FIFA 2022-related campaign

Peyton Manning and soccer legend David Beckham will be seen together in a controversial Qatar World Cup-related campaign.

Peyton Manning is one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. In his two decade-long illustrious career, “The Sheriff,” demolished several records.

Peyton spent 14 years with the Indianapolis colts where he established himself as one of greats of the game. Moreover, he also spent 4 years with the Broncos where he won his second Super Bowl title.

Along with earning heaps of cash through football, Manning has also made a fortune through brand endorsements. His association with popular pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s is an iconic one.

It appears like Manning’s market worth is eyeing a massive upsurge as most recently, it was announced that he will appear in a huge ad campaign alongside soccer legend David Beckham.

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Peyton Manning-David Beckham will be seen together in a Doritos campaign

FIFA 2022 is around the corner and the biggest of the brands are roping in the biggest of the stars to endorse their product leading up to the marquee event.

Reportedly, Doritos recently roped in Peyton Manning and David Beckham for an ad campaign that will shed light on the two different forms of football.

In fact, Beckham has signed a seven-figure deal for the job and although the exact amount Manning will take home is not confirmed, one can expect that figure to be quite similar to Beckham’s.

However, even before the two stars were confirmed for the campaign, controversies around the Qatar World Cup had already started brewing.

Beckham was paid around $10.8 million for promoting Qatar tourism and is also the face of the tournament. However, this brought in a lot of criticism for David as several fans and activists highlighted that women and homosexuals are blatantly persecuted in Qatar.

David’s representatives had responded to the criticism by saying that the soccer star’s aim behind promoting Qatar tourism is to use football as an agent of change and positivity.

Amidst all this, Manning getting involved with a brand specifically eyeing the Qatar World Cup might attract a little criticism from the fans. Irrespective of that, the amount of cash he’ll be taking home is definitely going to add greatly to his wealth.

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