How To Vacation Aboard A Charter Yacht Without Breaking The Bank

A Charter Yacht is an exciting and unique vacation to experience at least once. With many of these charters offering delicious food, beautiful views of the sea, and an interesting itinerary, guests will enjoy every single moment of their vacation. As with such luxurious experiences, a vacation on a charter yacht is often costly, but there are ways to enjoy it without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

What To Know About Affordable Yacht Charters

The first step to affordably vacation on a yacht charter is knowing what one seeks and how much one is willing to pay. All-inclusive charters usually cost more as the yacht comes with a captain, a chef, food, drinks, and other things that make a complete crew. Prices for all-inclusive charters also differ as some yachts come with bigger space than others. With all-inclusive yacht charters, guests are pampered and given a luxurious adventure on the sea. However, not all travelers want this type of experience. Some simply want a yacht charter without a crew to give them the freedom to explore the sea on their own. With no added cost for food and other services, such charters are usually cheaper. With that being said, here are some ways to vacation aboard a charter Yacht without breaking the bank.


Sharing Is Cheaper

People want different experiences from a Charter Yacht vacation. For some, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they may want to enjoy it alone. A honeymoon, a 50th wedding anniversary, and other types of events may be best enjoyed alone, but while this comes with a more luxurious experience, it has proven to be more expensive. The best way to save money while vacationing on a yacht charter is to join a group and share the experience. This will allow those involved to comfortably split the cost and still enjoy a luxurious experience.

Most yacht charters allow only small groups; others allow more vacationers to share their experiences in large groups. Groups can be as low as three people or as many as ten people. The larger the group, the less money one has to pay.

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Patronize An Affordable Yacht Charter Company With Great Offerings

Prices vary according to different companies. Usually, it is because some yacht charters offer more luxury and affordability to guests. Sail LUNA and Sail.Play.Dine are some of such yacht charter companies, and although they may not be the cheapest, the prices are great for the experiences they offer. At Sail LUNA, visitors will have a wide range of things to enjoy, from access to the beautiful Virgin Islands to a dedicated crew ready to serve at all times and delicious food prepared from the freshest ingredients. At Sail.Play.Dine, visitors will have access to the US, the British Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas with a professional crew while also enjoying delicious food and great sights.

The itinerary of these yacht charters often covers several amazing activities, such as fishing, swimming, beach hopping, snorkeling, and shopping. Unlike cruise ships with their huge population, Sail LUNA and Sail.Play.Dine comes with the kind of privacy that will have guests enjoying every single moment of their vacation undisturbed.

Seasons To Keep An Eye For

Like many other things that involve booking, high seasons come with increased costs. This is because more people are looking to vacation during that time, and with such high demand, the prices are bound to increase. When it comes to yacht charter, spring break and holidays are some dates to stay away from for those who seek affordable charters.

When To Catch Cheap Deals

There’s always a time to catch cheap deals, and when it comes to charters, the best time to catch these cheap deals is at the beginning of the season. The Caribbean charter season runs between November and July. The period between November and January is considered the best time to catch cheap yacht charter deals.

Prices also tend to be lesser towards the end of the season. For those who can wait longer before getting into the sea, a late sail charter might just be great to enjoy a huge discount. Children discounts are also usually offered for families with children to ensure no one is left out of the sea adventure.

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Book In Advance

A good way to save oneself from expensive charter deals is by booking in advance. While there are other time ranges to choose from, booking a year in advance is the guaranteed way to get cheap deals. This long time frame will ensure that one has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options that will be cheaper. Such bookings also come with discounts that can put a cut on the price one has to pay.

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