Inner peace and calm in Pansol

One of the myriad things I like about being in the tourism industry is the opportunity to discover new places to spend time in with family and friends. Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me about this beautiful “cocoon” of peace and quiet in Pansol. You can imagine how thrilled I was, as I pictured myself being far away from the madding crowd, while being refreshed by the therapeutic hot springs that the place is known for. I immediately scheduled an eyepiece.

About an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Manila this lovely resort is perfect for family vacations or team building activities of corporate entities. 893 Camia, named after its exact street location inside Miramonte Village in Pansol, lives up to its name.

As you know, Camia is that fragrant white flower, also called Ginger Lily, which adds a very pleasant scent to any garden and produces essential oils that bring inner peace and calm to anyone. Not only does the flower make any garden look dainty, elegant, and attractive, it can also easily dress up any patio, when grown in attractive clay pots.

One of the resort’s two buildings that house very comfortable bedrooms, glows at night

Owned by a lovely Russian lady, Alina Celine Faulkner, who has established her permanent home in our country, the resort has the classy elegance of its owner. Its subtle beauty beckons city dwellers like me who clamor for a healthy way to spend some “ME” time, away from the hubbub of the city jungle.

The resort has two swimming pools filled with healthy hot spring water that Los Baños is known for. Inside the compound are large, shady trees that protect those in the pools from harsh sunlight. There are five spacious fully air-conditioned bedrooms that can accommodate a total of 25 adults, and each room has its own toilet and bath that also use hot spring water. These bedrooms are housed in two buildings flanking the swimming pools. One of the buildings has a rooftop hall without walls, perfect for group activities or just plain relaxation, as the cool breeze blowing from all directions easily lulls anyone to sleep.

893 Camia also has complete kitchen facilities—a portable stove and a barbecue grill, in case the occupants prefer to cook their own meals. It also has a large refrigerator and several dispensers for hot and cold water. Naturally, it has a strong Wi-Fi signal so you won’t really be completely detached from the outside world. There’s even a videoke machine, in case the guests want to show off their musical talent among themselves. The best part about 893 Camia are its very-easy-on-the-pocket rates – whether for day use or for overnight stays. Either way, you’ll pay a paltry sum, if you compare it with what hotels usually charge for a staycation.

The hot springs in Los Baños come from the geothermal heat and steam from the nearby Mount Makiling, which is a dormant volcano. Soaking one’s body for about an hour in soothing warm water helps relieve physical pain and stress, as it improves blood circulation by increasing oxygen flow. It then relaxes the muscles, and the dangerous toxins in the body are removed through perspiration.

The water in the spring is odorless and has a potent mineral content that is responsible for its reported curative properties. Immersing the body in the hot spring water also softens and whitens the skin, and cures various types of skin diseases. Even high blood pressure and heart diseases have reportedly been cured by repeated immersions in the hot springs. One Laguna resident I talked to, who suffered from insomnia, now claims to be able to sleep easily.

As for me, I went to visit 893 Camia to seek refuge from the continuously hectic, toxic schedule I have, due to my professional commitments in many organizations. Since I was just by myself and, thank God, there was nobody else in the resort because it was a weekday, I found my longed-for peace and quiet. It certainly was a stress reliever, as I soaked my weary muscles and threadbare nerves in the therapeutic pool of hot spring water. I came out of it more than an hour later, recharged and rejuvenated. I easily noticed that I was feeling light and upbeat the following day, driving back home from my newly discovered cocoon of inner peace and calm in Pansol.

Reservations requests for 893 Camia may be made through +63908-419-1633 or +63917-877-9171, care of Jon, and it’s very easy to find it via Waze or Google Map.

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