Governance: Sinha’s Way

For the first time in its history, the Jammu and Kashmir has been allocated a substantial sports budget. The Sinha led administration unlike past has been able to spend the allocations on ground for benefit of youth. Not only organizing sports events, the administration has spent in developing and developing sports infrastructure in all districts. Bakhshi Stadium alone has received 59 crore for development this year. The majority of the money has been allocated to different sports fields in rural areas with otherwise were dependent on public aid for maintenance costs.

To any assessment of governance, economy is the major sector to look within for it transforms the lives in totality. Under Sinha’s watch the gross domestic production of Jammu and Kashmir has reached Rs1.76 trillion for financial year 2020-21 while exports has increased to US $199.43 million in financial year 2022. While the rise in exports may suggest a positive, the constant challenge for the administration remains job creation. The administration sees investment as a solution to the problem, in April 2021, the government of Jammu & Kashmir signed 456 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with various firms for a potential investment worth Rs 23,152 crore. In March 2022, the UAE pledged to invest Rs 3000 crore in Jammu & Kashmir. Both these investments, if materialized will help the government in addressing the problem for sustainable period.

With technological determinations in place, the online operation of governments has increased across the globe. The Sinha led administration has followed the suit by taking maximum of it to a click away. The introduction of online system of governance at a rapid pace has eased the lives of common people. The suspension of Darbar move to cut the spending is to be noted both for it was irrational and caused disruptions in services from the highest offices of the state.

Manoj Sinha’s approach to governance has not been top to bottom. To his credit the administration has activated grievance portals across districts in Jammu and Kashmir functioning 24×7. The success rate of the set up is evident from the fact that out of 138959 grievances received on, disposal rate stands at 97%. The call for Awam ki Awazu by the administrator has further helped him to find connect with the masses. Furthering the purpose, 4,290 youth clubs have been established by the Sinha led administration at Panchayat level to engage with the system.

For the first time in the history, Independence Day was celebrated by the gross root level people in the administration. People attended the celebrations, and gatherings were larger than the expectations. It was beyond hope! People wholeheartedly welcome the Har Ghar Tiranga drive. Although, we cannot say that peace has completely embraced the region, nevertheless, neither there is a say of those anti-nationals who once were giving Kashmir-Bandh calls leaving life paralyzed, nor there are those stone-pelters who once were making life living hell in the region. Although the summer of peace is yet to come, however, one can see the spring of it blooming under the political pomology of Manoj Senha. A famous proverb is there saying that coming events cast their shadow first. Manoj Sinha has brought with him the shadow of peace.

While we look on the positives there’s need to assess how the public at general has perceived the form of governance? Especially, after we are seeing a reboot operation posts the abrogation. Perhaps, time will tell us, till then it’s to be noted that Sinha has been an all-rounder in the circus that offers surprises every time it’s over.

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