Six safety tips for selling the place where you’re living

While September is Realtor Safety Month, the topic of safety can also be extended to home sellers. Here are six tips for protecting your home and privacy during the listing period.

1. Beware of stranger danger. If someone sees your for sale sign and wants an impromptu tour, explain there is a process that must be followed before they can see the property. Not all agents, buyers and sellers are who they claim to be. Provide your agent’s contact information and direct all inquiries there.

It is always best to hire an expert real estate professional to list your home who can advise on all the appropriate steps needed to safely show a home. When a licensed agent is hired to market and sell the home, the agent ensures every potential buyer is escorted to and from the property. A good agent will also prescreen buyers to make sure they can qualify for the mortgage. Your listing agent can also advise best practices for protecting both your privacy and your home during the listing period.

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2. Protect your home from germs. Strangers walking through the home is a justified health concern for sellers. Take some basic precautions. Leave hand sanitizer and paper masks inside doorway as they enter. For upcoming showings, turn on as many lights as possible and open all interior doors. This reduces surface touching inside your home with doorknobs and light switches. Upon returning, use disinfectant spray and wipes as warranted.

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