GRE, others submit objections on Jetty Policy to Tourism Dept

28 Sep 2022 | 07:00am IST

GRE, others submit objections on Jetty Policy to Tourism Dept

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MARGAO: Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE) along with other organizations submitted a joint memorandum to the Tourism Department at its head office in Patto, Panjim, where they demanded that the proposed Jetty Policy 2022 be scrapped in totality.

“The jetty policy in the name of tourism is planned for the building of several hundred of jetty across all rivers in Goa in which Captain of Ports (COP) will allow registration of all vessels in Goa like barges, yachts, container ships, transport vessels , etc to be operated in the jetties which clearly shows that the intention of the Tourism Department is rogue and such jetties will be eventually used for coal transportation,” read their memorandum.

Olencio Simoes, GRE General Secretary, slammed the Tourism Department for acting like an agent of 5/7 starred-hotels or coal mafia in the State of Goa by floating such a policy.

Simoes also lamented that the dams being built by Karnataka on the Mhadei River have already reduced the volume of the water.

“The State’s major rivers –like Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Tiracol, Chapora, Terekhol, Bicholim and Sinquerim are highly polluted, and the ‘faecal coliform is exceeding the permissible limit as per Central Pollution Control Board’s classification mainly due to disposal of untreated or partially treated sewage and what will happen if more such jetties will be constructed,” said Olencio.

He added that the construction of new jetties will further affect the ecology of rivers as an increase in settlement and consequent construction activity along the river banks will be the death knell for Goa as the pollution and climate change saline water ingress will increase multifold.

“The proposed jetty policy will lead to the construction of several new jetties across Goa which will lead to capital dredging and this will lead to maintenance dredging annually which will result in degradation of the ecosystem and will destroy the ecology of the region,” read the memorandum.

“The soil deposit in any water body have a certain pre disposed composition thus through dredging this composition will be altered and the removing gravel from river/sea beds by dredging leads to the loss of spawning grounds for fish, and can cause loss of some species , the removal river/sea bank soils disturbs the habitat of river/sea bank fauna such as otters and water voles and this will lead to change the chemical composition of water,” the memorandum added.

They added that this would affect the fish and other aquatic organisms and lead to a depletion in the fish/shellfish catch and in turn deprive the fishermen of their livelihood.


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