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We asked the candidates: 1. Can you tell us why you are running for mayor? 2.What is the part of the Williams Lake’s Official Community Plan that you care about most, and want to see action on? 3. What solutions or ways forward do you see to address concerns around crime and homelessness in our community? 4. What do you think needs to be done to attract and retain professionals such as health care providers in our community? 5. Can you name a few fun facts people might not know about you?

1. I see Williams Lake as a community aimed for growth like we haven’t seen in many years. However to properly capitalize on those opportunities we need to take a new approach as to how we conduct business. Having an inclusive plan with beneficial relationships with First Nations partners, as well as other levels of government, means we can’t keep doing the same thing we’ve always done. We also need to manage our online reputation. The “old school” approach doesn’t work anymore. A new attitude from city hall with collaboration, innovation and cooperation as its core principles is needed.

2. From my perspective there isn’t one part of the Official Community Plan more or less valuable than the others. All of the guiding OCP policies are there by design to help us know how to grow properly. Areas I’d like to see us work harder on in the future are having active and convenient transportation, which means our city becomes more livable and accessible. I’m also a big believer in having a vibrant arts and culture community, which includes the eventuality of a performing arts center of some kind. Plus as a former coach, having accessible recreation options, like an indoor turf or sports facility, is a critical piece in tapping into the sports-tourism market. All these in turn add to the attractiveness of our city in recruitment efforts for professionals of all kind.

3. Crime and homelessness are separate issues to me. Not all crime is created by homeless people. Addictions issues are having a detrimental effect on all cities, and I see it important as a local government we try and assist the support agencies designed to help the homeless and those with addictions. Instead of blaming homeless people, we should instead try to lift them out of poverty or connect them with services to help beat addictions. When it comes to crime, however, my stance is less tolerant especially for career criminals. The legal system and the justice system are no longer working cohesively. Crown counsel needs to become more accountable when it comes to sentencing, especially when it comes to career, prolific criminals.

4. We have to become more creative and responsive in building a community by design. What attracts people to want to live in other cities? We have to look at our city from an outsiders’ perspective. Being thoughtful about how we get around our city will go a long way in designing what we do to build our city. We also need to grow our own professionals. Having additional education options through our university will be another tool towards addressing the skilled labor shortage.

With those two initiatives in place we’ll be on the right path towards bettering our recruitment and retention efforts.

5. On top of my business skills as a voice actor and professional narrator, I’m also a gamer. I’m playing the new Resident Evil game The Village. Plus I’m a bit of a foodie, I love watching travel vloggers, and I’m a big sci-fi nerd.
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