Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone calls on Californians to oppose Proposition 1

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Most Rev. Salvatore J. CordileoneArchbishop of San Franciscoreleased a new video this week calling on Californians to oppose Proposition 1 (Prop 1), the extreme abortion ballot measure to amend the state’s constitution.

“Prop 1 is described by those who favor it as an opportunity to amend the California Constitution to establish a right to reproductive freedom,” said Archbishop Cordileone. “Its proponents make it sound like a reasonable action, but the words they use to describe Prop 1 mask reality. The very term ‘abortion,’ is ignored altogether in their narrative to avoid the fact that Prop 1 proposes the killing of a human life in the womb after the stage of viability—even up to the day a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby.

The video spotlights the extreme abortion laws already in place in California and clarifies that what Prop 1 proposes goes beyond Roe v. Wade and beyond existing California law to allow abortion at any point in the pregnancy for any reason paid for by taxpayers.

“Already, California’s legislature this year voted for funding to pay all expenses for women from other states to come to California to have abortions,” said Archbishop Cordileone. “With Prop 1, California could find itself as a place where clinics specializing in late-term abortions establish themselves for women traveling to California from across the country—and funded by California taxpayers. Is this what we want for the State of California—to be known as the state of ‘abortion tourism?'”

The Archbishop also reminds voters that, “Every human being is an impression of God’s own image and likeness. This is the foundation for understanding the dignity of every person, whether born or unborn, whether innocent or even guilty of a crime.”

“A No Vote on Prop 1 will keep our laws as they are,” says Archbishop Cordileone. “In contrast, a vote for Prop 1 will make any limits on abortion unconstitutional— even abortion just moments before birth. So, please vote No on Prop 1 on Nov 8.”

The Archbishop’s video can be found in English and Spanish.

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