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AlUla art exhibition to showcase local, international works celebrating historic city

RIYADH: The Royal Commission for AlUla has launched a new art exhibition showcasing local and international works celebrating the historic city’s legacy and culture.

Being staged at AlUla International Airport, the display will feature sculptures, photographs, textiles, and drawings.

The commission’s arts and creative planning director, Nora Aldabal, said: “We are pleased to unveil the Safar Art Exhibition, which is an extension of our ongoing cultural efforts we seek to achieve in partnership with contemporary artists inside and outside the Kingdom.

“The Safar collection represents the depth and strength of AlUla’s relationship with the arts, as it is an important new addition to the series of world-class events that were held recently in the Kingdom, including Desert X AlUla 2022, Cortona on the Move, What Lies Within, and many more,” she added.

The exhibition will include 64 works of art created by 25 Saudi and international artists.

Aldabal said: “Being inside the airport, the exhibition reconnects local, regional, and international visitors to AlUla in its new chapter as a center for exploration and artistic production.

“The arts are an integral part of the region’s personality and identity, and art contributes to developing the quality of life for the local community and drives the wheel of the future. This is an open invitation to all to be part of the AlUla journey,” she added.

Zahra Al-Ghamdi, one of the exhibiting artists, said: “I am pleased to continue my artistic journey with AlUla within the exhibition. This exceptional destination, with its cultural imprint and amazing geographic nature, has had the greatest impact on my artistic aspirations and career.

“I am proud to be part of the creative community of AlUla and grateful for the role I play in its future legacy. After being displayed at both Desert X AlUla 2020 and What Lies Within, I consider this new collaboration another exceptional opportunity to participate in the leading arts performances in AlUla.

“I grew up in the southwestern region of the Kingdom and then moved to study and work both in Saudi Arabia and abroad and consider that we currently live in the brightest eras of Saudi art, as AlUla is at the forefront of the art scene,” Al-Ghamdi added.

The focus on art and culture is at the forefront of the commission’s mission, championed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to protect the natural heritage of AlUla and share its culture and history with the world.


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