Doha, Prague set sights on broader horizons

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani starts a state visit to the Czech Republic Tuesday.
During the visit, the Amir will discuss with Czech President Milos Zeman ways to support and strengthen bilateral relations in various fields, including economy and trade, in addition to a number of current international issues and issues of joint interest.
His Highness the Amir’s talks during the visit are expected to contribute to strengthening relations to broader horizons and opening up new fields to serve the common interests of the two countries and their friendly peoples.

Qatar and the Czech Republic have good and solid friendly relations in various fields, and are witnessing a great and remarkable development, especially at the economic level.
Qatar-Czech Republic relations date back to 1990, when diplomatic relations were established between both countries at the level of ambassadors (non-resident representation). Qatar’s ambassador to the Czech Republic presented his credentials in 2007.
Relations between the both countries are regulated by a set of agreements in many trade, economic and air transport fields, and the political views of the two countries are identical on many international files and issues.
In order to develop and strengthen bilateral relations between Doha and Prague, the Qatari-Czech Republic Interparliamentary Friendship Group was established in the Czech Parliament in April 2019.
The group aims to enhance co-operation between the two countries at various levels, strengthen inter-relations ties in various fields, and develop parliamentary relations.
In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Qatar’s ambassador (non-resident) to the Czech Republic Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Saud al-Thani said that the first visit of the Amir to Prague will contribute to opening new horizons of bilateral co-operation in various fields, especially in political, economic, tourism, health, cultural, sports fields and others, pointing out that the relations between Doha and Prague witnessed great and rapid development during the last two years reflected in the readiness to announce the opening of an embassy for the Czech Republic in Doha and an embassy for Qatar in Prague, which will contribute to strengthening relations between the two countries.
He said that in recent years, the Czech Republic is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe in infrastructure and medical tourism, pointing to the readiness of the Qatar Investment Authority and Qatar Airways to make visits to health institutions in the Czech Republic to strengthen relations in medical tourism.
The mutual visits and joint meetings between investors and businessmen in the two countries contributed to providing an important platform for discussing ways to establish joint alliances and projects, in addition to gaining a broader view of feasible investment opportunities in a number of promising sectors in the two countries.
The visits also contributed to increase trade exchange, which in 2021 amounted to about QR605mn.
The trade balance shifted to the Czech side, with import to Qatar at QR556mn and Qatar’s exports to the Czech Republic at QR49mn.
There are also six joint Czech-Qatari companies operating in the Qatari market in various sectors such as services, hospitality, sports consultancies and food stuffs.
During his visit to Doha in October 2019 and his meeting with Qatari businessmen, former Czech foreign minister Tomas Petricek said that his country is seriously seeking to strengthen trade and economic relations with Qatar, as part of its efforts to attract foreign investments in various sectors.
He also said that the investment climate in his country, which is strategically located in Europe, makes it a large market linking the countries of the Union, stressing that the Czech Republic sought to offer innovative projects in many fields, especially as it is known for high quality products.
Last June, the Qatari-Czech business meeting, which was held at Qatar Chamber headquarters, discussed ways to enhance commercial and industrial co-operation relations and investment opportunities available in both countries, co-operation between business owners in the two countries and the possibility of establishing alliances that enhance trade and investment exchange Qatar has succeeded in providing an attractive investment environment through the facilities and incentives that allow the foreign investor to invest up to 100% in various sectors and economic activities, as well as the advanced infrastructure, and economic laws and legislation that have contributed to Qatar’s attaining a globally recognized high position to be identified as a leading destination for investment and business.
Among the most prominent Qatari imports from the Czech Republic are building materials, office furniture and electrical equipment and appliances, while Ethylene Polymers represent the most important Qatari exports to the Czech Republic.
There are many areas that contribute to deepening bilateral cooperation, especially in the health, real estate, tourism and agricultural sectors, as the Czech Republic has a long experience in these areas, and its economy is one of the most promising economies in Europe and has great future potentials for investment.
The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in central Europe, with an estimated area of ​​78,867 sq km, and a population of 10,700,000.
Given its prime geographical location, reasonable and appropriate costs, advanced infrastructure, and skilled workforce, the Czech Republic has become an ideal and attractive hub for business and investment projects.
The Czech Republic has a wide open economy, as it exports three-quarters of its products and attracts foreign investment.
Czech companies are known for being reliable partners and suppliers of high-quality products, technologies and services.
The Czech export sectors include a wide range of products in various branches and fields of industry, including automobiles.
The Czech Republic hosts major international brands in the automotive sector.
There is also the aircraft industry, which includes the production of components for large transport aircraft, military jets, helicopters, and small aircraft for local and regional transport, training planes, light sport and agricultural aircraft and gliders.
One in four ultra-light airplanes sold in the world has been manufactured in the Czech Republic.
Engineering forms the backbone of the Czech economy and its manufacturing base is made up of more than 1,100 companies.
These companies are especially involved in the field of energy engineering, transport engineering, production of machining and shaping tools, metallurgy and production of structures and metal components, air-conditioning equipment, building machines, agriculture machines, food processing machines, green technologies, medical equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics and electric engines and generators, as well as furniture, building and construction materials and musical instruments.
Czech ceramic industry has an excellent reputation in the whole world.


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