Once upon a time the British had built ‘Mall Road’ to roam, today the Mall Roads of these 7 hill stations are world famous

One of the most common places in the hill stations of our country will be seen, and that is the mall roads here. Yes, so much crowd will not be seen in the attractive places of hilly places, as it happens in the Mall Roads here. Whenever tourists want to buy or eat something, they directly reach this place at hill stations. You must also think that how is it possible to have a mall road at every hill station, how was its history and how was its name Mall Road, such questions are definitely asked by travelers coming here. Let us then answer some of these questions to you through this article.

History of Mall Road –

In the 17th century, the word mall meant a promenade, a section of road that people liked to visit on holidays. In 18th century India, Mall Road used to be the home of soldiers. Mall Road at that time meant ‘Place for Married Couples to Live and Living Line Road’.

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Current status of Mall Road –

A visit to any popular hill station in India is incomplete without mall road shopping. Most of the accommodation options, restaurants and shops are located along the streets of these malls. No vehicles are allowed in these places except emergency vehicles.

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Some Popular Mall Roads

Shimla – Mall Road – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

One of the most famous mall roads in India, Shimla Mall Road is a major hangout and shopping area of ​​the city. Shimla’s Mall Road is littered with impressive British colonial buildings.

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The Mall Road – Mussoorie, Uttarakhand – The Mall Road – Mussoorie, Uttarakhand


The view of Mussoorie Mall Road will take you back to the British era. Mall Road is quite famous among the travelers coming here, it is considered to be a very beautiful hangout place with amazing views of Doon Valley.

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Chowrasta or the Mall – Darjeeling, West Bengal – Chowrasta or the Mall – Darjeeling, West Bengal


Chowrasta or Mall in Darjeeling is the place where you will find some of the most prestigious and antique shops. Darjeeling’s Mall Road is also a famous tourist spot.

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(Photo Credit: TOI.com)

Mall Road – Nainital, Uttarakhand – Mall Road – Nainital, Uttarakhand


Mall Road in Nainital is opposite the famous Naini Lake, from here one can see people boating in Naini Lake. Not only this, the surrounding mountains further enhance the beauty of Mall Road. This 1.5 km long road is lined with maple trees and looks spectacular in the autumn months.

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Mall Road – Manali, Himachal Pradesh – Mall Road – Manali, Himachal Pradesh


If you want to buy Himachali handicrafts, then many showrooms, traditional woolen goods can be easily found in Mall Road, Manali. The road to Manali is also very attractive among the people.

Mall Road – Dehradun, Uttarakhand – Mall Road – Dehradun, Uttarakhand


This mall road is the place where you will find delicious food and local souvenirs. It is the perfect place to visit and see the busy tourist cities.

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