Wet Sounds ZERO Series Coaxial Speakers

ROSENBERG, Texas, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wet Sounds announced today US pricing & availability of its 2022 ZERO Series coaxial speakers. The new ZERO coaxial speaker, available in 6.5″ and 8″ pairs, will deliver high performance sound that is constructed to withstand the elements to give each user the versatile opportunity to fit in tight spaces while still providing the ultimate audio listening experience. This model coaxial speaker is now available at wetsounds.com and through Wet Sounds authorized dealers worldwide.

With much anticipation for a shallow mount design from Wet Sounds, the new ZERO Series speaker features a horn-loaded titanium tweeter, providing listeners with the un-beat sound quality of a Wet Sounds HD tower speaker in a coaxial form, allowing for a loud , clean, and clear sound.

Designed to be able to regularly run for hours at top decibels, the ZERO Series speaker also features neodymium magnets that is surrounded by a cast heatsink to control heat temperatures. Using these magnets, the ZERO speaker provides a strong magnetic force with being only a quarter of the size of the Wet Sounds REVO speaker. This design keeps the RMS power handling for maximum hours on end.

The new ZERO Series Speaker was designed for applications such as, but not limited to, a Harley Davidson touring models 2014 and up. Wet Sounds built these speakers to fit in tight areas without sacrificing performance, ZERO compromise. An important feature of this series is that the grilles are easily removable with a twist-lock motion, making the ZERO 6 able to be dropped into the stock fairing location on a Harley Davidson.

With the demand of sound on the open road, normal coaxial speakers are challenged to keep providing the same quality sound while sitting still. Wet Sounds acknowledges that issue and created the ZERO Series Speakers to tackle that problem and provide a high-quality solution. Built to withstand the elements, these speakers are recommended, but not limited to, be installed in marine, powersport, and motorcycle vehicles.

The ZERO Series speaker is sold as a pair (2x) and accompanied with (2x) twist-lock grilles. This grille style is featured on the Wet Sounds website as the XZ grille, a new design for the company. Available in gloss black or white with matte accent.
MSRP for the 6.5″ speakers are $649.99.
MSRP for the 8″ speakers are $749.99.

For more information on the 2022 ZERO Series coaxial speakers, visit wetsounds.com or call 877-938-7757.

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