Bryan on the road, will be back for confidence votes

As with all Cabinet members, Bryan’s vote will be very important in holding the PACT coalition together in the face of the opposition’s motion challenging the government. Two and a half years ago Bryan blocked a motion by his then opposition colleagues to hold a special meeting of parliament to oust him as speaker.

This had been suggested by Ezzard Millerthe MP for North Side at the time, following Bush’s arrest for assault against the Coral Beach bar manager in February 2020. Bush had taken a leave of absence but the PPM-led coalition had avoided dealing with the issue.

Seven members of parliament were required to call a special meeting and they needed Bryan’s vote to make up the numbers. However, he had scuppered the plans, justifying his position by saying the call was premature and the MPs should wait for evidence showing the speaker did something wrong. Because of this, Bryan was later thrown out of the official opposition.

Despite Bush’s ultimate conviction, no debate to oust him as speaker has ever taken place. But following the extensive horsetrading to form a government after the last election, PACT cut a deal with Bush and put him back in the speaker’s chair. And now, once again, MPs are dealing with a scandal resulting from Bush’s inappropriate behaviour towards women while intoxicated, this time at a government event.

If Bush continues to avoid demands by the premier, the public and even the governor for him to resign, when Bryan returns from a Caribbean tourism marketing meeting in Puerto Rico at the end of this week, he will have the chance to take part in the vote for Bush.

But Bryan will be on the road for the best part of five weeks, taking part in several speaking engagements, panel discussions and networking events “to optimize networking opportunities with airline, cruise and other industry stakeholders”. Bryan said the goal was to “drum up new business and reengage with our existing partners”.

Following this week’s trip and after Friday’s parliament meeting, he will be heading to the Dominican Republic on October 11 for the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Cruise Conference, then on to Las Vegas for the Routes World 22, before heading to Florida for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Bryan will wrap up the trips with the inaugural Cayman Airways flight to Los Angeles in November.

“The Cayman Islands was one of the last countries in the Caribbean to reopen, fully removing COVID-19 travel restrictions only in August,” Bryan said. “Especially in the lead up to the high season, it is imperative we take an aggressive approach to marketing our destination.”

Bryan will also be hosting in-person meetings with the CTO membership as part of his role as president of the organisation. “We are capitalizing on the instance that regional ministers of tourism will also be attending many of these conferences. This allows me to work efficiently in both capacities at no additional cost,” the minister added.

Bryan will be accompanied by a delegation from the Ministry of Tourism and Transport and the Department of Tourism during each travel appointment.

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