Community Continues To Benefit From Council Controlled Organisations

From enjoying a dip at Baywave and soaking at the Mount Hot Pools, to admiring art and feasting at foodie events, Tauranga locals and visitors are benefitting from what the city’s Council Controlled Organizations (CCOs) have on offer.

The 2021/22 Annual Reports for Tauranga City Council’s five CCOs were presented at a Council meeting on Monday.

The five CCOs include Bay Venues Limited, Tourism Bay of Plenty, Tauranga Art Gallery, BOPLASS and Local Government Funding Agency.

Each CCO demonstrated how they continued to deliver great community outcomes through their events, facilities and tourism activities over the past year, despite the significant impacts of COVID-19.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says it is pleasing to see the resilience shown by the CCOs throughout the pandemic.

“The results outlined in the Annual Reports demonstrate the value these organizations continue to deliver for our communities by creating spaces and places for people to connect and take part in a range of leisure and entertainment opportunities.

“Our wider ambition for Tauranga city is to create an engaging place that is vibrant and inclusive, full of exciting and diverse opportunities where people from near and far can come together and enjoy themselves,” says Anne.

“Our CCOs play a vital role in helping to achieve this goal and I applaud their efforts over the past year in such a challenging environment.”

Some of the CCO Annual Report highlights include:

  • Around 1.5 million people used Bay Venues’ 24 facilities across the city during the 2021/22 financial year. Out of their 1598 surveyed customers, 90% felt satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. Bay Venues was also awarded the Recreation Aotearoa 2021 Aquatic Innovation Award for their ‘Keep Me Safe’ pool supervision rules, leading to a 38% decrease in water rescues across all aquatic sites since the campaign’s launch in 2020.
  • Tourism Bay of Plenty launched the inaugural Flavors of Plenty festival, which attracted around 1800 people, including approximately 13% from outside the region. This led to local business collaboration opportunities and positive media coverage.
  • Tauranga Art Gallery Trust programs reached a total of 101,503 viewers over the 2021/22 financial year. This included 27,814 gallery visits, 53,858 offsite project visits and 19,831 visits to touring exhibitions. This enabled cultural and art experiences across the community for residents and visitors.
  • BOPLASS, a company owned by nine councils to promote shared service coordination between local authorities, continued to focus on joint procurement opportunities from interregional collaboration to facilitate savings. This included procuring Rapid Antigen Tests and establishing a preferred supplier agreement for a collective staff wellbeing portal, offering support to staff and their families during and after COVID-19.
  • Local Government Funding Agency declared a dividend of 4.87% (compared to 3.43% the previous year), leading to a payment of $90,873 to Council.

For more information about CCOs, please visit our website.

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