Retail Consultants YRC envisions the application of Metaverse in Retail

Retail Consultants YRC envisions the application of Metaverse in Retail

YRC is a retail and eCommerce consulting enterprise having the experience of working with more than 500 clients in 20+ verticals.

YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the BC Sector. Empowering Retail & E-commerce businesses.”

— Nikhil Agarwal

DUBAI, October 4, 2022 / — With a budding international presence, YRC offers a host of world-class services and solutions to retail and eCommerce brands. In this communication, the omnichannel consulting experts share their vision and ideas for the application of the Metaverse concept in the world of retail.

Metaverse in short

The concept of Metaverse encompasses any digital/technological delivering environment or platform that is capable of a virtual or verisimilitude experience to the audiences and customers. But it does not end there. Metaverse applied is also capable of giving effect to real-world situations by allowing users to interact with the platform and other users. For instance, in Metaverse, it could be possible for console players to buy merchandise within the game. The term is still open for interpretation. The concept of Metaverse should not be confused with the brand name of any business or non-business organisation.

Metaverse in Departmental Stores and Supermarkets

One possibility for supermarket and departmental stores to apply metaverse is offering a live view of the merchandised inventory in their stores via their official apps or websites. The broad idea of ​​metaverse retail is not only to provide customers with a view of the metaverse store but also to give them a metaverse shopping experience. As a provider of online business consulting services, YRC specifies that shifting to the metaverse will lead retailers to take their businesses online ( ).

Metaverse in Fashion Retail

Many customers do not go for online shopping of fashion products because of the lack of validation. They are deprived of the option of physically checking out a product. This is where Metaverse could play a role if not completely solve the problem. By adding AR, VR, and 3D avatar technologies, both online and offline retailers could provide an opportunity to customers to make a better sense of how a product would look on them ( retail-consulting/ ).

Metaverse in Beauty and Personal Care

Metaverse always need not involve AR and VR. Sometimes, simple and short videos on display screens in stores could do the trick. By displaying pre-recorded videos of the application of beauty and personal care products, retailers can help customers in assessing products and make purchasing decisions. Metaverse need not necessarily lead to shopping in the metaverse; it could also play the role of a facilitator in the customer shopping journey ( ).

Metaverse in Health & Wellness

The metaverse approach could help organizations reach out to people living in semi-urban and remote areas in more effective ways. Professionals in the field could interact with their clients and assess their problems and requirements with a closer-to-reality approach. Clients would not be required to travel to any branch and access the services from anywhere anytime ( ).

Metaverse in Automobile and Auto Accessories

Metaverse is good for an enriched experience. However, it has different implications for different industries and businesses. Today, almost every big automaker brand has virtual showrooms. Without having to visit the showrooms, customers can have a glimpse of the exteriors and interiors of cars. But it is unlikely that customers will make big purchases like buying a car over virtual tours. And experienced online business consultants would know this ( ).

Metaverse in Hotels

Offering virtual tours is also common with hotels, resorts and similar other service providers. But many such virtual tours offered by businesses are merely pre-recorded videos and compilations of photos. What users can see is limited to the confines of these videos and photos. There is no scope of action or interaction that contributes to or enhances the customer journey ( ).

Metaverse in Restaurants and Cloud Kitchens

Metaverse could prove to be a brilliant platform for restaurants and cloud kitchens. Businesses could not only show the quality standards maintained or how the food items look after preparation, but metaverse could also be the platform for interacting with customer support, raising queries, placing orders, or raising complaints.

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