Storied Collection announces launch in the UK and Ireland

UK & Ireland: Storied Collection, a group of exclusive heritage hotels, has officially launched as it looks to bring guests closer to history.

Designed to provide guests with a memorable stay at the intersection of history, ancestry and experiential travel, Storied Collection launches with 28 estates, castles and other historic residences-turned-accommodation, representing its forward-thinking approach to historical pursuits.

Combining “modern-day amenities with period charm”, Storied Collection has recognized that the abundance of historic properties situated across the United Kingdom and Ireland often have a unique and interesting tale to tell. In light of this, guests can now escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and travel through the ages across an array of iconic hotels.

The concept was forged by hospitality veterans Justin Hauge and Michael Goldin—two reputable names in the industry with a wealth of experience between them. The collection is also supported by experienced hospitality executives from Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Airbnb and Design Hotels.

From weddings to outdoor pursuits and events to romantic getaways, the soft brand collection is designed to cater to any occasion across a range of hotels, including Billesley Manor, believed to be the location of Shakespeare’s wedding to Anne Hathaway, as well as Ashford Castle in Ireland, once owned by brewery heir Benjamin Guinness.

Suzie Thompson, the VP of commercial at Red Carnation Hotels, who own three properties in the Storied Collection, said: “Respecting the past creates a never-ending story, stories are what makes a place unique and memorable. Red Carnation Hotels are proud to partner with the Storied Collection to highlight and honor the rich history and heritage of our most special hotels.”

CEO Justin Hauge, who appeared on the RockSTRz ‘Pitch to Paul’ webinar in June, said: “We are delighted to be officially launching Storied Collection — a community which represents a new approach to historical travel. We already have some outstanding properties working with us, each with an incredibly rich history. Building this community has been a joy, and we have many exciting developments lined up for the future!”

​Storied Collection currently consists of 28 properties with a combined age of 11,291 years. The unique collection of history will offer its members a globally recognized platform set to enhance marketing power, and provide education and support — whilst also allowing its members to remain independent.

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