US-Ukrainian Firm Delfast Presents The California, A New Electric Bike

Designed in sunny Los Angeles and engineered in war-torn Ukraine, Delfast California comes with an evocative story. The idea was sparked when a Delfast designer happened to be touring the company’s new LA headquarters when Russia began its invasion of Ukrainian in February 2022. Unable to return to war-torn Ukraine, Max Tkachenko set out to sketch an electric bike that utilizes the Guinness World Record electric motorcycle maker’s expertise but is a daily commuter. And in less than a year, Delfast California was born.

“We are incredibly proud to unveil our Delfast California e-bike during these difficult times,” says Daniel Tonkopi, company founder and CEO. “Our international team has been hard at work on this bike even in the midst of the ongoing war, which speaks directly to the dedication and unstoppable spirit that is the foundation of our company.”

The e-bike has been designed and engineered for everyday commutes to be versatile, comfortable to ride and easy to hop on and off, thanks to its U-frame design. An industry first, with the frame developed in the shape of the letter “U,” riders can step through, so the bike is comfortable for all genders and most ages.

According to Delfast, California can accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes: from 5 ft to 6 ft 3 inches and upwards of 264 lbs. Plus, the frame is sturdy yet lightweight — at 66 lbs, the bike is lighter and smaller than many competitors on the market. And the comfortable seat and super-soft DNM full suspension promise a pleasant ride on most terrain.

California blends a powerful 750W mid-drive motor with a battery range of up to 100 miles on a single charge, with the removable Samsung lithium-ion battery chargeable in four hours. The vehicle is categorized as a “Class 3” e-bike capable of climbing hills, accelerating faster than its competitors, and reaching a top speed of 28 mph.

Another benefit to the U-frame design is that it can house the powerful motor and battery at its base, which optimizes the center of gravity and balance for easy handling and control at every turn.

The bike features a fully connected app with a hyper-intelligent computer on board, seamlessly syncing all components of the e-bike in real time, functioning as a single organism and delivering data to a rider’s fingertips.

It features location tracking, automatic immobilization, Bluetooth lock and unlock, battery lock, and a customizable alarm that sounds if the e-bike is moved without permission. Meanwhile, the bikes can be customized in the five available shades: black, white, yellow, blue and red.

Tonkopi says: “Our e-bikes produce no air emissions and no negative impact on the environment. They also help reduce traffic and reliance on fuel, and serve as a true alternative to paying high gas prices.”

Last November, Delfast revealed another e-bike, Dnepr. A powerful, 60-horsepower motorbike favored by the former KGB, the originals in the 1960s were produced in Ukraine at the Kyiv Motorcycle Plant. Delfast’s post-Soviet 2021 take is re-imagined as a futuristic electric roadster of pop colors and with a modern electric powertrain.

Delfast California is being built in the US at the company’s base in Whittier. The bikes will retail for $3999, with shipping planned from June 2023. Early birds, though, can order the bike at a special pre-launch price. For more details, see here.


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