10 Beaches Near Anaheim That Are Perfect To Visit Year-Round

Located in Southern California and home to the famous Disneyland Resort, Anaheim is a charming city outside Los Angeles and has been named one of the safest cities in the country. Wanderers visit the many fantastic beaches of Anaheim to enjoy a bunch of fun activities with friends, families, or partners, such as volleyball, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, SUP boarding, and more. Others head to this wonderful destination to enjoy sunbathing and relaxing at the beaches’ shores and meditate on a postcard-perfect panoramic view. The breathtakingly gorgeous beaches are also very close to other tourist hotspots and attractions and have so much to offer for travel buddies. Here are 10 Beaches near Anaheim that are perfect to visit year-round.

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10 Alamitos Beach – Long Beach

Located a 32-minute drive from Anaheim, Alamitos Beach is one of the most charming and popular coastlines in the area, featuring lined tall palm trees and white sand and offering plenty of facilities that can be rented at Alfredos. People enjoy a wonderful time on its stunning shoreline and sparkling water, such as sunbathing, biking or skating through paths, having a picnic together, and so much more. It is also a perfect area for fishing with friends and families, swimming, snorkeling, etc. It is also very easy to buy items like food and beverages.

9 Redondo County Beach

Redondo County Beach is a postcard-perfect beach, with sun-kissed shorelines featuring many amenities and home to colorful flowers. This beach is ideal for people craving a vacation at fascinating beaches. At the county Beach, many fun possibilities await visitors, like riding the waves on a surfboard, windsurfing, catching fish at the pier, and the warmth of the sun.

Youngsters enjoy fun activities on the coastline, like volleyball courts and picnic areas, while golf lovers head to a public golf course featuring courses and bocce ball courts. Others choose to eat at a restaurant serving countless tasty dishes.

8 Treasure Island Beach

Situated 40 minutes from Anaheim, Treasure Island Beach is Laguna Beach’s secret gem and picture-perfect for tourists. Once visitors feel the sand between their toes, they will get their hearts filled with hope and devotion. This gorgeous beach is accessed through steep steps and has scenic cliffs. Some popular trailers and movies were filmed here, like the 1953 Lucille Ball movie. This beach is also kid-friendly, as they can spend hours looking for critters, starfish, and shells.

7 Bolsa Chica State Beach

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a perfect coastline is one of the best beaches in California, featuring a powdery white-sand shoreline, glimmering water, and panoramic ocean views. People head to this fascinating beach near Anaheim to relax, spend quality time with companions, bond with new people, and experience all sorts of entertaining activities like surfing, swimming, fishing, and grilling savory barbecues. Bolsa Chica State Beach also offers many facilities making the visit more comfortable such as picnic tables away from the sand, clean showers where you can wash up, sandy volleyball courts to play fun games, and the like.

6 Balboa Beach

Running from Balboa Pier to Balboa Fun Zone, Huntington Beach features a large stretch of sand and is perfect for all beach activities. People can choose either to spend the day soaking up the sea and sun or eat at nearby restaurants. Families with kids can also visit the Balboa Fun Zone, featuring a fun arcade. One of the top things to do on the Balboa Peninsula is whale watching. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest for fun and immersive experiences.

5 Main Beach

Main Beach is located in Laguna Beach and is known as the Main beach because it was considered the initial beach for surfing in the town of Southport. Only about a 30-minute drive from Anaheim, this charming spot is ideal for families who can experience many activities on the shores, such as basketball and volleyball. However, it is also very convenient for kids, who will enjoy building sandcastles and exploring the tidal pools while searching for critters. Fishing isn’t allowed on this beach to offer the most tranquil and calm atmosphere to its guests.

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4 Hermosa City Beach

People create memories at Hermosa City Beach, which is very popular and one of the best beaches near Anaheim, CA. It features lively shorelines, a lengthy pier, stunning powdery sand, and countless amenities. Whether visitors are vacationing with their families, friends, or significant other, this magnificent beach always has some fantastic things to offer. Youngsters enjoy fun activities like playing volleyball, fishing, and surfing, while adults sit back and relax under the sun. There is also a comedy bar, The Comedy & Magic Club, for people looking to enjoy a fun night of laughing with exquisite food and drink options.

3 Moro Beach

Moro Beach is one of the four popular beaches located at Crystal Cove State Park.

It features crystal-clear water, a sandy shoreline, and tall cliffs. Visitors enjoy tons of activities like surf fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Some people opt to chill by the shores as they work on their tan and take pictures of the stunning scenery. It is also recommended to explore the rest of Crystal Cove State Park, where they can eat at restaurants and bars or hike on the scenic trails, which are also ideal for mountain biking.

2 Manhattan County Beach

At Manhattan County Beach, people enjoy countless activities with their friends or partner, like surfing, windsurfing, and body surfing but also share a romantic moment with their partner throwing an oceanfront picnic, walking on the pier hand-in-hand, or watching the blue skies in vibrant sunset colors. The beach is popular among locals and tourists alike for its numerous options.

1 Corona Del Mar State Beach‍

Corona Del Mar State, also known as Big Corona beach beautiful beach is famous for its protected waters, calm waves, tranquil vibes, and stunning soft sand. Its surrounding cliffs are also fascinating and make an excellent spot for family photos. The beach is famous since it was used as a filming destination for the TV Show Gilligan’s Island. This beach also has facilities such as restrooms, parking spots, and snack stands for people to feel the most comfortable and have a perfect journey.

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