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The Kingdom of Morocco has announced its intention to boost Dakhla’s industrial sector by 2025 in order to improve, rehabilitate infrastructure and launch projects. According to government sources, it is expected to build an industrial area of ​​some 30 hectares, which will be increased in the future. For the country’s government, the south is in a key position for a peaceful and sustainable development, as well as being a point of union with the rest of the African nations, as confirmed by the Regional Investment Center (RIC). In fact, the RIC signed a contract last year with an internationally renowned service provider that will bring a great deal of capital and development to boost the intelligence and economic effectiveness of the area.

yad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade, clarified that the process will be monitored for effective funding. He also pointed out that the projects to be developed include the construction of desalination plants and the establishment of industrial agricultural zones. This, together with the projects for the motorway linking the south and the north of the country and the desire to build the Atlantic port of Dakhla, are generating great economic expectations in the country that promote foreign investment.


According to the economic analyst Idris Al-Fina, quoted by al-arabi, the southern region of the country has promising qualities for tourism projects and renewable energy plans to flourish. Regarding the port of Dakhla, he commented that it would change the paradigm of the area’s economy with the aim of generating thousands of jobsthus giving young people new possibilities to prosper.

At a promotion and investment meeting held earlier in the city of Dakhla, the Consul General of Senegal in the city of Dakhla, Babu Seni, stressed that “the region is on the way to becoming a real economic platform oriented towards the Atlantic Ocean and sub-Saharan Africa”. To this end, the industrial zone of the port of Dakhla will be reinforced with more than 1650 hectares of industrialized land.

It is not only the industrial fabric of the area that is to be boosted, but, as confirmed by the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), sectors such as fishing, aquaculture and tourism are also being promoted. These projects are considered, according to the Council of the Dakhla region, as “a lever for the advancement of the region and the development of its social and economic capacities, making it more competitive and attractive”.


The head of the region’s Council, Al-Khattat Yinga, stressed that the integrated development program aims to create structured projects in the region to become a leading hub linking Morocco with the rest of the African continentwhich will create significant investment opportunities for the benefit of Moroccan, African and foreign actors.

On this basis, Christophe de Figueiredo, President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, expressed his desire to explore new markets and analysis the investment and trade opportunities offered by the region. To support investment in industry, trade and agriculture in the region, seawater desalination production capacity will be increased to 37 million cubic meters per year. The authorities are committed to the establishment of two advanced areas for distribution and trade at the Guerguerat border crossing and Bir Kunduz in the south, to attract Moroccan and foreign investors alike, which will contribute significantly to the development of the border crossing, as it is a transit area that plays an important role in the economy and foreign trade transactions.

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