City of Johnstown weighs retail site expansion

A new and larger retail store has been proposed for the former GoodBuyZ liquidation outlet at 75 Briggs St. in the city of Johnstown.

JOHNSTOWN — The City of Johnstown Planning Board is weighing a proposal to expand a dormant Briggs Street retail location.

The site plan proposal is in front of the board that would see an addition built on retail property at 75 Briggs St.

The former site of the GoodBuyZ liquidation outlet store currently sits vacant, with a retail store planned for the building.

At the board’s meeting on Oct. 4, Darrin Romeyn of DMR Civil Engineering in Gloversville presented the proposal on behalf of the property owner, Sacandaga Properties LLC.

Romeyn declined to reveal to the planning board the type of business that Sacandaga Properties intends to install in the vacant space.

“The new owners found a use for it and the tenant needs additional space,” Romeyn told the board. “So the existing building is 4,000 square feet and all we intend to do is create another 3,000 square feet by making a new building just coming off the back of the existing building with the same width and a different length.”

Romeyn said the roofline of the new building would match the existing structure to give the appearance of one large building.

The site’s parking lot will be expanded to accommodate 10 more vehicles (for a total of 20 parking spaces) and to accommodate the turning radius of a 40-foot tractor trailer.

Johnstown Fire Chief Bruce Herberer said he was satisfied that the retail complex will have enough room to accommodate a turnaround radius large enough for the city’s fire trucks to exit the site.

“It will once they extend the blacktop,” the fire chief said following the meeting. “We had talked to Mr. Romeyn before the meeting and he said he was going to address that with his client dele.”

Johnstown Planning Board President Peter Smith asked Romeyn during the meeting if the site would be limited to retail sales, with no manufacturing operations on the premises, which Romeyn confirmed would be the case.

“As long as we know it’s retail, we’re okay,” Smith said after the meeting. “The zoning is approved for retail, which is why I asked them to make sure there’s not going to be any manufacturing, which might change the use.”

The retail space is located in the same complex as Pazzaglia’s American Kenpo Karate martial arts school and the Hyrdo Pros pool supply shop.

The vacant storefront is located across Route 920C from the Foothills Worship Center church.

The company hopes to complete construction work and open retail operations before the end of the year.

“That’s pretty optimistic in this climate,” Herberer said following the meeting.

With the property located within 500 feet of a state highway, the proposal must be referred to the Fulton County Planning Board to determine if there is a regional impact before final approval is granted from the town.

“The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) requires that we have to do an environmental study and notify any agencies that might have an interest in this project from an environmental point of view,” Smith said following the meeting. “Putting up a building shouldn’t have a problem with the environment, but if it was near wetlands or burial grounds, it could be an issue. So it could be a formality but it’s required by SEQR.”

During the meeting, the board declared itself the lead agency in SEQR to conduct the environmental review. The planning board then set a public hearing for the proposal for the board’s next meeting on Nov. 1.

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