Ojai Studio Artists self-guided tour celebrates local artists

Some people enjoy painting by using a photo as a guide.

Not Ojai artist Susan Guy, who must go outside to create her plein air painting.

“It’s almost like a spiritual experience for me,” said Guy, 52, who is also a full-time psychiatrist. “I just find a place that feels good and go for it.”

Guy is one of more than 70 artists participating in a free Ojai studio artist tour starting on Saturday and continuing through Monday. Attendees can visit the artists’ home studios located throughout Ojai to view and purchase their work.

Ojai artist Emily Thomas paints in her studio.  Thomas will be one of the artists taking part in the Ojai Studio Artists Tour starting Saturday.

Artist Emily Thomas is taking part in her first Ojai artist tour after having gone to the event for the past 10 years of its nearly 40-year history.

“I’m a little nervous but excited to share my work. I think my work right now is focusing on abstract landscapes in the Ojai area: familiar places to people,” she said.

Thomas, who will display her work at 519 N. Ventura Ave., said she wants audiences to find calm and peace in her work.

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